Status Description

Status description is the information about each transaction status. Various statuses and their status description are listed below.

Status Status Description
begun Transaction initiated.
authstarted Authentication Started (PENDING)
authsuccessful Authentication Success (SUCCESS).
authfailed Authentication Failed (FAILED).
authcancelled Authentication Cancelled.
cancelstarted Cancel transaction initiated.
cancelled Transaction cancelled.
capturestarted Capture Started for authsuccessful transaction (PENDING).
capturesuccess AuthSuccessful transaction captured successfully (SUCCESS).
capturefailed Authsuccessful transaction failed while capturing (FAILED).
settled Bank has Paid amount (SETTELED).
markedforreversal Reversal Request Sent.
reversed Transaction Refunded Successfully (REVERSED).
chargeback Chargeback successful (CHARGEBACK).
failed Validation failed (FAILED).
payoutstarted Payout initiated (PENDING).
payoutsuccessful Payout transaction successful (SUCCESS).
payoutfailed Payout transaction failed (FAILED).
3D Authstarted 3DAuthentication Started (PENDING).

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