Merchant needs to be PCI compliant in order to perform synchronous payment.

In a synchronous workflow the payment data are directly sent to the server with initial payment request. That means that the transaction can be processed straight away.

Your request has to include the following information:

  • - Authentication Credentials
  • - Type and amount of transactions
  • - Payment information like card details, Payment Mode and Payment Brand

For our Synchronous Workflow REST API you can use the following types of initial payments:

Preauthorization (PA):

Preauthorization request has to be sent to our REST endpoint i.e. /transactionServices/REST/v1/payments using POST method.

The paymentType for this request will be PA.

You can also place a capture transaction request against a successful PA using our Backoffice APIs.

Debit (DB):

Debit request has to be sent to our REST endpoint i.e. /transactionServices/REST/v1/payments using POST method.

With a DB request a successfully authorized transaction gets captured immediately.

The paymentType for this request will be DB.

In our API Specifications you can find a full list of parameters that can be sent in the initial request.

   Merchant needs to set Authentication token in header while posting request. To generate authentication token, please refer Auth token API.

Sample Request

Sample Response

Hashing Rule

is supporting MD5 Cryptographic Hash for the authenticity of payment request send to the server.

Below is the description of fields use for generating checksum.

  • memberId <Merchant ID as shared by >
  • secureKey <Secure Key that can be generated through 's dashboard>
  • merchantTransactionId <Unique transaction ID prived by merchant>
  • amount <Amount of transaction>

How to generate Checksum ?

Checksum has to be calculated with following combination and need to be send along with the authentication parameters in each server-to-server request:

Sample Code

Payment Modes and Brands

Find below the list of payment modes and brands for synchronous workflow.

Show all modes & brands

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