Virtual Checkout

This section displays all your Virtual Checkout URLs under following tabs:

Virtual Checkout

Here you can get the URLs for Virtual Checkout. Virtual Checkout is basically used by the merchants to place transactions on behalf of the card holder, without having to login to the back office.

How to access page?

After login you need to click on "Virtual Checkout" tab in the left navigation panel of Merchant's back office.

Search criteria

You can search Virtual checkout URLs with the help of Merchant ID

Result details

The search filter gives below details:

  • Generic Virtual Checkout URL
  • Currency specific Virtual Checkout URL

The URL in the first row is the generic URL and its used for any currency. Rest of the URLs are currency specific URLs. Here you can copy the URL into the clipboard, by clicking on it. If this URL is opened in web browser, the payment page for Virtual Checkout will appear, so that the merchant can make payments on behalf of the card holders.